In Case of Emergency- 911

211 can connect you with many Connecticut resources and to Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services (EPMS) for youth ages 3-18.

Somers Resident State Troopers Office (routine Police services)
(860) 479-4955

Somers Social Services
(860) 479-4955

Access Line and Transportation

DMHAS has established the 24/7 Access Line to facilitate access to substance abuse treatment.  Individuals from anywhere in Connecticut may call to help with linkage to residential detox. The Access Line is able to prioritize transportation services for detox.  The Access Line may also be able arrange transportation to DMHAS substance abuse residential treatment (although transportation services are prioritized for detox). 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Teen/Young Adults Crisis Text Line
Text “CTL” to 741741
to speak with a young person who can guide you towards wellness.  Available 7 days a week from 12 noon-9pm.